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It was getting a little crowded in here. I’ve copied most of my StitchPoet information onto a blog all its own. I will still continue to post photos of the stuff I make here on ChampagneMaker and I’ve created a little blog with everything I have a crush on to share what inspires me. It’s called CrushParty and if that’s not enough inspiration for you, it overflows into CrushCuldeSac on tumblr. I save inspiring knits @ CountingStoneSheep. It’s where knitters go when they can’t sleep! I also blog for Rooney Robison Antiques and have created an Antique Interior Style File with beautiful interiors on tumblr. I mostly PIN recipes, but you can find me there too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bees Knees!

Nothing could be finer....
than to win something so perfect on
from Natasha Salkey, a London jewelry designer

I was recently on my favorite website, Daily Candy, and found my new favorite website, The Bright Side Project! Y'all, they're giving away the coolest stuff. Something different every day! All you have to do is answer the featured artist's question and wait. Of course when I saw this irresistible bee necklace, I pitched my answer, crossed my fingers and toes and held my mouth just right! Can you believe it? I won! Even Natasha Salkey, the artist, couldn't believe it when she discovered what a perfect match she'd chosen. I've kept the secret long enough. It's time to let the bee out of the hive! Please visit The Bright Side Project and then scoot right over to Natasha Salkey's website to see more of her irresistible jewelry. Maybe I'll "stash" something in my own Christmas stocking this year!


Joyce Laurie said...

Thanks! Looks like a cool place and I put my name in the drawing!

Miss B. said...

This is an AWESOME photo, I am so glad you won this it is just perfect!!!


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