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It was getting a little crowded in here. I’ve copied most of my StitchPoet information onto a blog all its own. I will still continue to post photos of the stuff I make here on ChampagneMaker and I’ve created a little blog with everything I have a crush on to share what inspires me. It’s called CrushParty and if that’s not enough inspiration for you, it overflows into CrushCuldeSac on tumblr. I save inspiring knits @ CountingStoneSheep. It’s where knitters go when they can’t sleep! I also blog for Rooney Robison Antiques and have created an Antique Interior Style File with beautiful interiors on tumblr. I mostly PIN recipes, but you can find me there too!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

1978...a very good year!'s the before...

I bought this sweater freshman year on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill...umm..."The Town Shop" I believe it was. It's seriously tattered and worn, but don't worry, I'll figure out how to make it presentable so that it doesn't have to be sent to sweater heaven. This sweater has been through 19 roommates (not counting Jeff or that girl that I didn't know her name one summer at the beach), countless sorority parties, has been stollen and returned twice, but lost and found only once, has had two sets of buttons, went to Africa with me on my honeymoon, goes to Westport every year without fail (and always will), seen lots of baby spit-up, still loves the flea market on Saturday mornings and will always be my favorite "grocery store" sweater....y'all know how cold it is in the grocery store! But the time has come to either pack it away, or do something about the ratty edges or the bag-boys at the grocery store are going to think I'm trying to steal a cart when I push my own bags to the parking lot! I'll keep you posted on how I decide to mend this beloved garment and will probably post the "after" when that happens. I'll wear the Bachelorette until then. It can't replace this sweater, but the stitch pattern was worth repeating!


1 comment:

vojacque said...

such an amazing history behind it! can't wait to see what you do with it.


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