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It was getting a little crowded in here. I’ve copied most of my StitchPoet information onto a blog all its own. I will still continue to post photos of the stuff I make here on ChampagneMaker and I’ve created a little blog with everything I have a crush on to share what inspires me. It’s called CrushParty and if that’s not enough inspiration for you, it overflows into CrushCuldeSac on tumblr. I save inspiring knits @ CountingStoneSheep. It’s where knitters go when they can’t sleep! I also blog for Rooney Robison Antiques and have created an Antique Interior Style File with beautiful interiors on tumblr. I mostly PIN recipes, but you can find me there too!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Giveaway . . .

Don'tcha just love free stuff?!
And I get the biggest kick out of giving it away.
The trail starts HERE!
Go Win!

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cari-lovinzsky said...

I like it
I have followed
Please follow back


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