Two's Company...Three's a Crowd!

It was getting a little crowded in here. I’ve copied most of my StitchPoet information onto a blog all its own. I will still continue to post photos of the stuff I make here on ChampagneMaker and I’ve created a little blog with everything I have a crush on to share what inspires me. It’s called CrushParty and if that’s not enough inspiration for you, it overflows into CrushCuldeSac on tumblr. I save inspiring knits @ CountingStoneSheep. It’s where knitters go when they can’t sleep! I also blog for Rooney Robison Antiques and have created an Antique Interior Style File with beautiful interiors on tumblr. I mostly PIN recipes, but you can find me there too!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Counting Stone Sheep!

Hey y'all, I've added yet one more blog to the roster.
This one's dedicated to knitting visual inspiration.
It's a tumblr log of all the wonderful images that fill up my computer.
Again, I'm making space and saving it elsewhere to share with you guys.
Have a visit and bookmark it for when you can't sleep!

Of course I'm still HERE, as in right here.
Stitch Poet Patterns live HERE.
My Crush Party lives HERE.
The After Party, Crush Cul de Sac, is HERE.
I still blog for Rooney Robison Antiques HERE,
and have added an Interiors tumblr for her HERE.

Oh and sorry, sometimes I can't keep it all straight and you'll find a
hand-knit cabled cowl blogged in with a French antique farm table.
Just go browse and I hope you enjoy the eye candy!


janana said...

le tue creazioni sono meravigliose e una vera fonte di ispirazione, che bello essere inciampata nei tuoi blog. ti seguo con piacere.
ciao Paola

Susan said...

Do you know how I could find out if the newly posted brown turtleneck sweater is a pattern or a sweater to purchase? I can't figure out how to check where these photos come from.....

ChampagneCrushParty said...

@Susan Most are from the tumblr "rabbit hole" but if you send me a link, I can help you source the photo!


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